3 and 4 BHK Apartments in Pune advertised on Social Media

Published: 09th March 2011
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Urban Space, spreading its aura on the Social Media! Thus, giving the property a larger platform to share its features and advantages and catering to the niche TG who would want to own a luxurious apartment.

The Social Media is an excellent media to promote properties in today's digital world. Everyone is so busy in their daily routines that it becomes almost impossible for advertising to working professionals and considering the fact that they are the ones who are most likely to buy the apartments, using the social media for promotions is almost imperative. Residential properties in Pune have undergone a paradigm shift in the past few years. The clients have become more elite and demanding as well as more exclusive.

In order to reach the right target audience, give complete information and provide quick solutions to customer's queries and requests, the social media is an excellent platform. It gives Urban Space a wide scope to showcase their products and services while it helps customers to find exactly what they are looking for. All in all, the social media is a win-win situation for both Urban Space as well as the customers and if used effectively, it can serve as a very strong medium to generate sales. Keeping this in mind, the property has been listed on various sites like 99acres, clickindia, iproperty, propertywala, sulekha, indiaproperty, puneproperties, bharatestates, punerealestate, droik, locanto, anandproperties, and many more. The promotion of the property on these sites is what gives Urban Space a wide scope of advertising on Social Media.

Some statistics that make Social Media a favorable medium to reach your target audience:

* 77% of buyers use the web as a resource to find a new home

* 25% of Realtors post to their own blogs for business purposes.

* In 2008, 32% of Realtors used Social Media, in 2009, the number rose to 84%.

* Daily use of social media by adults rose from 8% in 2005 to 35% in 2009.

* The median age of a Twitter user is 31.

* More than 90% of home buyers 44 years old or younger used the internet as a source of information during the home buying process.

* Internet buyers preview an average of 6.65 homes before buying, while the traditional buyer previews 21.7.

Social Media gives an extensive outcome to the property. The achievement for the entire advertising plan has been tremendous. Received almost 50 enquiries from various sites.

The following are the links of 2 sites of an example where Urban Space has been promoted and received a good response. The large number of page views of these websites makes it a favorable choice to promote our property.




With the social media used extensively to promote the property, the number of interactions with prospective customers has increased. The website hits have also gone up due to the blogs, social networking and other links provided on various sites. With use of Twitter, the account of urban Space is related closely to real estate and hence gives information to our followers about our own property as well as real estate trends in the city. Pune residential properties have been using social media to generate enquiries that lead to sales and Urban Space is truly benefitting from this media.

Using the social media is very essential for a luxurious property like Urban Space since the target group is niche, one who makes a very careful and informed purchase decision. Also, the increase in the use of social media by professionals is making it a favorable medium to cater to the elite class, those who are looking for a luxury home at NIBM road, to enable them to complete detailed information about the project and guide them to choose Urban Space as a home for enhanced living.

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